School choir go skating!

5 a b c d e f  The choir had a fantastic trip to Bolton town centre today! There were lots of falls and bumps but we eventually all managed to stay upright, together, for a total of 1 minute and 29 seconds! Everyone arrived back at school with the full set of fingers and thumbs, thankfully.

Issy was voted top skater by our instructor, Tony. Mrs Orlinski demonstrated her amazing stunt woman skills!

Enterprise Project

Every class has been busy all week making their products to sell tonight. We had lots of visitors buying from each stall. Take a look below to see how busy we were.

The class that has made the most profit will win a prize. The school council will meet soon to decide how to spend the money, if you have a good idea, let your class school councillor know.

Enterprise Project- come and buy 30.11.16.

This half-term, all classes have been taking part in an enterprise project. Every class is making a product to sell  at 3.30pm, Wednesday 30th November. Watch the video below to see a sneak-peek of each item.  

Members of the school council will work with their class to decide what the profit should be spent on.                                                                                                                 What do you think the profit should be spent on?