Day 4 from Carcassonne


Today has been another very busy day. We all went to language school this morning. It was very tricky but we learnt some new words and we even wrote a short story in French – We will read them to you when we get home.

We then went to the supermarket. Alex came today and had a great time. have a look at the pictures – can you see what he had to eat?

Tomorrow we are going to the French school in Toulouse.

Day 3 in Carcassonne


Today has been a very busy day. We have been to language school today and learnt all about verbs! We have also learnt some French songs to share with you when we get back.  We went to the book shop to buy some lovely books in written in French. We have also got a new addition to the Spindle Point team! Then this evening we visited a very old chateau and a vineyard.

Hope you enjoy IMG_0468