Our Morpurgo- inspired mini saga’s

Can you write a short story in the style of Morpurgo, using exactly hundred words?

Here is an example written by a KS2 child:

‘Shiver Me Timbers’

Whitebeard the snowman sailed the icy puddles, searching for his stolen treasure. He steered his ship, the Old Red Sledge, through back streets and down sloping garden paths. His eye-patch fluttered in the chilly winter air. Whitebeard frantically followed the fading trail in the snow, tracking the thief’s once crisp boot prints. ‘Avast, me hearties!’ he exclaimed as his eye fell upon the blue and white striped scarf of his enemy. It lay discarded in the snow. He anchored his sledge, lifted the scarf and found it – his stolen treasure. A lump of jet-black coal. His prized left eye

Get Writing!
Mrs Orlinski