Our Morpurgo- inspired mini saga’s

Can you write a short story in the style of Morpurgo, using exactly hundred words?

Here is an example written by a KS2 child:

‘Shiver Me Timbers’

Whitebeard the snowman sailed the icy puddles, searching for his stolen treasure. He steered his ship, the Old Red Sledge, through back streets and down sloping garden paths. His eye-patch fluttered in the chilly winter air. Whitebeard frantically followed the fading trail in the snow, tracking the thief’s once crisp boot prints. ‘Avast, me hearties!’ he exclaimed as his eye fell upon the blue and white striped scarf of his enemy. It lay discarded in the snow. He anchored his sledge, lifted the scarf and found it – his stolen treasure. A lump of jet-black coal. His prized left eye

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11 thoughts on “Our Morpurgo- inspired mini saga’s”

  1. Kensuke’s Kingdom !

    Kensukes Kingdom is about a boy called Michael, his dog Stella Artois , his mum and dad. His mum and dad don’t have a job but Michael does, a paper boy! Michael goes to a school named st. Josephs his dad calls it ‘monkey school’. Michaels friend Eddie ,who he played football with, left him behind because his parents had got a new job. Michaels dad told Michael and his mum that they had to go to Southampton for a surprise. It turned out that he had bought a boat named ‘Peggy Sue’. They lived in the boat and travelled all over the world. They seen sharks and fish and much, much more.

    • I love reading Michael Morpurgo books but haven’t read Kensukes Kingdom. Thanks for your review Niamh, I’m going to find a copy to read now!

  2. My favourite book of Michael morpurgo is kensuke’s kindom because when Michael and Stella ,the dog when they get out of sea because when they try to survive and when the travel around the world in a boat and I really like boats very very very much,BenGorton.

    • This book sounds really exciting Ben. I think it’s something I’d like to read myself. Thanks for your post.

  3. The boy that always wore stripy socks

    The boy never took his stripy socks off.He wore them in the shower,he wore them in bed and a lot more.The boy never got his mum to wash them he always shouted at her and begged her not to if she did he would cry and have a tantrum.All the children made fun of him they always said ” why do you never take your stripy socks of ”he replied ”because there just so cool and look awesome”he said. ” can you stop picking on me ”the children said” ok sorry and i mean it ” THE END

    • I love this story Will. It’s so funny and you’ve captured such a lot of character in such a short piece. Well done!

  4. The Butterfly Lion!!!
    A young boy called Michael Morpurgo runs away from boarding school in Wiltshire. He meets an lady called Millie, who tells him stories of Bertie and the butterfly lion. When living in Africa, Bertie rescued a white lion, but was forced to part with it when he went to boarding school and the white lion was sold to a circus. Bertie promises to find the white lion one day. At boarding school, he sneaks away every day and becomes
    best friends with the young Millie. When he was fighting in France, he gets a VC= Victorian Cross.

  5. Rise and shine !

    With him in the straw and with the sound of the river,
    A kittens soft paw and the trash filled with litter,
    They watch from the outside ,
    the cats now a cheetah,
    This story rushes on around the world,
    But he slows down to the river,
    His memory’s bitter,
    He remembers the river,
    As sweet as a kiss,
    It is the lightning that hit him,
    Struck on his memory,
    The dreamworld he remembered,the dreamworld he missed
    He got the river clutched in his hands,
    Kept it in a bottle, 88
    remembering when he clenched his eyes and tried hard not to cry.

    My 100 hundred word saga !

  6. Can I join in on the 100 word challenge please?

    Outside it was cold. The wind whistled around the house picking up leaves and throwing them around. There was a hint of snow in the air.
    Jodie wished it would snow! She longed to watch the snowflakes tumble down and give the world a soft, white blanket.
    Inside it was warm, cosy. She sat by the window wrapped in her favourite throw. She pressed her forehead against the cold glass.
    “Please snow,” she whispered.
    Just then the first fat flake spun down and landed on the windowsill.


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